Food of the Faroese

Our children will be 1/8th Faroese. My husband has the island's blood running through him so in a concerted effort to learn of our heritage, we embarked on a somewhat haphazard journey to the Isle. Sheep, grass, turf roofs, death educing cliffs and grey seas greeted the tarmac touch down but it was only once we discovered the local food that I felt I was learning. 

Look above. From left to right we had Opsi fishcakes, skerpikj√łt (dried sheep meat), Whale blubba, boiled potatoes, dried Whale meat and sea dried fish. Each was an unknown taste to me and although each is thought of as a delicacy, each independently made my stomach feel a little delicate.

The climate dictates a diet rich in meat and fish but vegetables aren’t able to survive the hash climate and lack of sun. The result is tables laden with mutton, herrings, eggs, whale and on a good day, puffin. Mr Atkins, you have found your refuge.