Take One Veg

Life feels full at the moment. It’s a blur of slow, precious moments and far faster, caffeine fuelled days.  

Yesterday after a morning of chaos, my boys were both sleeping and an unexpected delivery made me smile; ten copies of my new book. They were there, looking professional and finished, the punctuation mark at the end of an 18 month chapter.

Take One Veg is a collection of vegetarian recipes. The book has six chapters, each divided into clusters of different varieties, loosely based on scientific families. Like all plants, every vegetable we eat is part of a specific plant family, there are nine major groups ranging from the strident Brassicaceae (think all things cabbage-like) to the Cucurbitaceae (an umbrella term for the marrow clan). Each of the recipes has a ‘star of the show’, a lead vegetable that the other ingredients will follow. Some will feel very familiar; the cosy recognisable carrot while others may not, the lime green, Romanesco cauliflower.
I included a variety of recipes, big beefy winter warmers, summer salads and a few sweets to suit occasions throughout your year.
Writing the book was a journey. There were many moments when I metaphorically sped along the costal roads, not another car in sight and loved the experience. There were other times that I needed guidance and support. But here we are, publication day on the 5th March and it feels amazing to have a copy in my hand. Spring dawns and I have a renewed bounce in my step.

The book is now available to buy in Waterstones and Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Take-One-Veg-tempting-recipes/dp/0857832336)


  1. Anonymous8.8.15

    Congratulations! It looks lovely. I'm always looking for new cookbooks, and from what I've read of your blog so far, I suspect I will like your cookbook very much.

  2. I love this book, it's fast becoming one of my favourites and in fact I did a blog post about it only the other day!!

  3. Am delighted with my copy of "Take one Veg" and have bought a copy for a friend. Is it possible to freeze the courgette cake?

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