Favourite Instagram Shot - Cover Shoot for Co-Op

One of my favourite jobs I've taken on this year; to style the cover for a new, sparkly, rebranded Co-Op magazine. Shoots can  vary. Sometimes they flow, feel light and breezy during the day and others can seem hard work, the food not doing quite what you would hope. 

This cover shoot was gorgeous. The image was shot by the very talented Maja Smend - http://www.majasmend.com - under the direction of Amanda Grant.  The brief was exciting as CoOp dramatically re thought the look of their mag, returning to their roots and concentrating on the quality of their ingredients. The logo has reverted back to an original, used years ago and the majority of cover lines have been removed. It's clean and successfully retro. 

My handmade floury wrap needed to look appetising, doable and bright. I think we managed to tick all of the boxes.