Queen of Tarts

Three flights and two lengthy car journeys brings me home to my wonderfully crisp, chilly England. I've missed scarves and thick woollen tights. 

Three days in the kitchen developing a range of tarts and then a Friday morning tasting session with mugs of coffee. 


Cake baking in Zim

Baking here is different. Perhaps it's the heat, electricity cuts, retro ingredients or aged gas oven?

But birthdays still crop up so cakes have to be forged.  Today carrot cake was order of the day with a lime and banana icing.  We are about to tuck in so I should better run. 

We have electricity!


The Larder Cafe, Cape Town

After three months of Zimbabwean cuisine (which excels itself on seasonal vegetables and pots of unidentifiable stew) I was ready for an injection of food that punches more flavour than the said boiled veg.

A 12 hour bus ride and 2 hour flight brought me to Cape Town and the launch of my wonderful friend Sonja’s brand new venture. May I present The Larder Café, Deip River.  A gorgeous couple of weeks was spent sculpting pink meringues, curing beetroot gravalax and marinating olives in a bid to help lift off.  

The décor is retro and rustic; towers of Lyles Golden Syrup sit next to faded records and homemade jars of plum jam.  Mix matched tables sit right next to the tiny open kitchen.  As a punter you’re able to watch the cakes roll out of the oven while you wile away your cappuccino.

The menu salutes local, fresh produce that has laboriously been sourced from the individual farms and my goodness, you can taste it. The yogurt taught me how it’s supposed to taste.

So whether it’s coffee, killer carrot cake or a healthy salad you’re after, do take a moment to drop by, Sonja will be there with a bow in her hair, waiting to welcome you in.