Empty Supermarkets

It’s a funny thing going into a supermarket and finding the shelves almost bare. On our last day in Zim I took some photo’s just to remind oneself to be eternally grateful for being able to buy food, every minute of every day in London.


Grabbing Guava

Over the years there has been sensational moments when I’ve been driving, slammed on the breaks and pulled onto a grassy verge spying a clutch of field mushrooms in the distance.

Though never had I dreamed to find a real life guava tree. In all honesty, prior to the weekend, I couldn’t have told you what they looked like. Instead I may have identified their scent from a carton of Rubicon guava nectar purchased in a less than exotic supermarket shelf. 

But here we were in Zimbabwe, tracing monkey's discarded fruit until we stood beneath a tree, dripping with pert, yellow fruit. We gorged like primary school children eating Haribo until the branches were considerably lighter and our tummies were filled to bursting.