Flat Peach, Pomegranate and Maple Yoghurt

 A very generous aunt stopped by a week or two ago bringing an enormous can of maple syrup, all the way from Canada. 
I've sat on my pot, so to speak, waiting for the right moment to unhinge the lid.

Breakfast with my friend seemed apt, she had travelled from London in searing sunshine and for that she deserved a treat. The  unlikely named 'Tropical Turkish Shop' always has piles of the season's best wares and this morning was no disappointment. A pomegranate the size of a croquet ball, peachy flat peaches and their very good yogurt were my maple canvas. 

I didn't do too much, chopped and tore and piled my ingredients into glasses. I poured more maple syrup over than was strictly necessary. 

My pots were a fine use of my nectar but with half a pot still to go, my heart is saying there is more cooking to do.


A brief pause...

Shooting for the book has been completed and holidays were needed. Eating, sleeping and stopping. 

Now it's back to work and I'm thinking about what lies ahead for late 2014.