Baby blue cupcakes

Jasper was Christened on Sunday with a cluster of our family and friends who toasted his health & ate baby blue cupcakes complete with sugared feet. My friend Taisy and I wrapped brownies in parchment and tied them in blue raffia so everyone had something to nibble on their journey home. 


Apple Stars

I baked these today; a quick sugar syrup, a cool oven for four hours and simple apple slices become delicate crisps. They would be beautiful balancing on the side of a martini, I think?  


Jelly Cake

 My lovely friend Tori was responsible for the photos of my sister's wedding. She snapped these of the cake all done, finished and wobbling beautifully (and of the very pretty Caroline of course). Oh what a lovely day it was! 


P.S Have a look at Tori's brilliant blog - 'Wellies and Vogue'


Post Pop Up

Well we did it. A week of laughter, tears and stealthy high fives and Alice & I achieved what we wanted; to serve beautiful food for each one of our guests. Here are a few pictures and a link to a rather lovely review. 


Preparing to pop up...

Alice took these lovely shots on her phone... T minus 24 hours and I'm feeling a bit nervous!


Quince Jelly

I made it! I took three days, one pillowcase, three bags of sugar and my trusted casserole pot but I made  twelve jars of jelly.