Bread & Milk, Brighton

It's a treat and a half when a lovely new coffee shop opens just a few minutes walk away, nestled amongst the lanes. I've found myself having popping in three times this week to sample various treats, far more than my bank balance should allow. My favourite? The classic British toasted sandwich freshly made and executed very, very well. 


Sticky Ginger & Apple Tart Tatin

I baked this today; a sticky ginger and apple tart tatin. It was beautiful, made all the more delicious by adding ginger syrup and dark brown sugar to the apples.  They are so easy, tart tatins, all that is needed is a little confidence and a very hot oven. 


Fiery Festival Festivities - The money shot

 A pizza festival in Dalston made for a super fun Saturday. My friend Ben took this shot, poor piggie... I'm not quite sure if he ended up on a pizza or not! 


Publishing on death row?

Like arriving at dinner with a bottle of Oyster Bay, patronising your local bookshop has sadly gone out of fashion. With online content saturating our lives the publishing industry in on death row and it's future is looking bleak. 

There is one glimmer of steam though - Cookbooks still sell. And by that I mean physical books, books you can touch and put on a shelf. While all books provide an experience, cookbooks seem to provide a lasting experience.

People still want and buy cookbooks. Cookbooks are the number one genre of books checked out from libraries. Cookbooks are the  number one genre of books stolen from libraries. Cookbooks are the only genre of book unaffected by the recession.

After a year of being in boxes I was able to unpack my beloved cookbooks this week and I stumbled across this one. I'm not sure of its whereabouts but whoever the owner was, they obviously liked potato cakes.