Take One Pot, full stop

Happy New Year to one and all.

2013 has an exciting start for me as my very first book is published!! It's been a whole lot of work but a brilliant adventure and I'm so excited to see it in the flesh. 

I'll upload a few recipes when I have a chance but in the meantime here is the front cover in all its glory!

P.S You can buy it on Amazon if you fancied. (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Take-One-Pot-Simple-Recipes/dp/0857830708)


  1. I was given this book for Christmas by my daughters, undoubtedly with a fair bit of self interest in an attempt to stimulate me to broaden my rather limited repertoire. Three successful dishes on (scrummy haddock page 61 just now!)I am now a paid up member of the Fuggle Fan Club. Recipes are fun to read, instructions clear and easy,amazingly the dishes actually come out looking like the great photos which has never happened for me before. I have never written a review of a book, or indeed of anything, online before, but so impressed am I that I had to get to the keyboard. Great book Georgina and I hope it gets the success it deserves. Richard Foulkes

  2. I have just purchased your book having had an induction through the Sunday Times supplement and I am very impressed. Today we have just had the pigs cheeks dish which was divine - although being Yorkshire I'm not sure which 'cheek' I have eaten of the pig and I'm trying to not think about it too much....
    I'm putting you on my blog and I'm going to follow you! Regards, Rona.

  3. Anonymous21.7.13

    Hi, after much mulling over which new recipe book to buy, I came across yours because it said one pot and I happened to have just one pot. and your surname is funny. I've now tried a few recipes (today the borlotti beans salad), I think this book is fab. Please keep us posted on when you write another one.
    More useful might be more pictures - I'd like to see how the dish is supposed to look in the end. I haven't been able to attempt recipes yet where there is no picture. Thanks, Lia

    1. Hey Lia,
      Thanks so much for your comment - it made me laugh! And a love getting feedback, so helpful... thank you.

      I would also love to have more pictures in the book. Sadly, we are super constrained by the publisher because more photo's mean more photo shoots which means lots more money! So they only allow a few. I'll try to push for more in the next one though.

      Hope you cook lots more. The peanut chicken curry is one of my favourites! XG