Norfolk Samphire

For a few lingering days I felt it must still be Summer; there was beautiful samphire available on shop shelves. A throw back to my Norfolk days where you'd discover it poking out of the sandy mud, standing tall and asking to be taken home. A squeeze of lemon juice, deep spread of butter and thick rye bread - that is my supper sorted. 


i gigi


 Let me introduce you to I Gigi; a tantalising beautiful boutique & cafe found on the right side of Hove.  

Downstairs Chesterton's upholstered in french linen sit alongside piles of garlic bulbs each being sold with their own little suitcase.   An unassuming staircase leads customers upstairs to the most lovely cafe piled with worn wooden chairs and glass domes hiding enormous fresh cakes. 

 This morning I sat, drank coffee and dipped stollen into runny honey while September sunshine warmed my back. It was the most special of mornings.  


Cake full of Jelly

September 8th - my big sister's 32nd birthday and her wedding day all rolled into one enormous party. Call me childish but I thought the only cake worthy of both celebrations was one made from jelly. Here it is in progress...