Peachy Sunday morning @ Dishoom

Despite not running the marathon or, in fact, even walking the twelve minutes of sunshine to Covent Garden today I felt I deserved a treat. This particular treat was courtesy of Dishoom; a chic Bombay cafe nestled in the heart of London's theatre district.

It's the April response to the inevitable, 'where's good to eat at the moment?'. Opening last year to restaurant virgins Dishoom has quashed sceptics by being consistently swarmed by enthusiastic bloggers and city types. It is not just an evening destination however, in fact they pride themselves on having the perfect morning chai, lunchtime Thums Up and evening Sauvingnon Blanc. 

With Spring light flooding on the oh so stylish decor, I sunk into an available Leather sofa and devoured not just roomaly, kulfi, chai but a healthy chunk of Observer Food Monthly. What a peachy morning. 

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