Day of Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday marks the launch of forty extensive days during which I shall abstain from all things chocolate and all things fizzy (not including hot chocolate and fizzy water). Wait, one more caveat, I am allowed one Sunday off - of my choice - to pump that blood sugar as high as it will go.

Our final fling was a glorious excess of all things nice. Vats of Nutella, slightly plastic cheddar cheese, good old sliced banana’s and of course, obligatory Maple syrup. This I tell you is wonderfully decadent whilst living in Africa. Nutella has to be smuggled from English supermarket shelves in airplanes and over countless boarders to reach our Zimbabwean dining tables. 

To justify the air miles alone, I feel compelled to take up the challenge and remind myself of exactly what Lent is about; a spiritual sacrifice that will push my own little faith to greater depths.  It’s not all about the chocolate.

And now the countdown to absolution, freedom and gluttony. It awaits me on Sunday April 8th  - deep breath and dive!

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