Supper in a Pear Tree

Pop up restaurants have taken London by storm. We are on the catch up, chasing New York who always seem to have their right foot an inch further forward.

If you aren’t yet familiar with them, expect to find an achingly trendy location, loved food and insider foodie knowledge (perfect conversational fodder).

My favourite yet is ‘Supper in a Pear Tree’, run by two beautiful sisters, Annabel & Charlotte. Included in the hot ticket is not just a delicious dinner but - and here’s the point of difference - an authentic, real life drawing class!! I loved it.  There were candles, charcoal, nudity, glasses of wine, even oysters!

Annabel (who incidentally works with Skye Gyngell) produced the food. She introduced each course with adorable things like ‘Pickled beetroot that I grew, dug, peeled and pickled’. We ate pulled pork buns and pickled carrots and chocolate mousse cake and chicory cream. We laughed and chatted and drew. It was like Enid Blyton for grown ups. I can’t wait to go back for a top up of homemade rhubarb vodka and chocolate dipped mint leaves. 

Have a look! - www.supperinapeartree.co.uk

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