Itsu at home

This week is moving house week for us. There are walls of cardboard boxes that look efficient but hide a multitude of gubbins. 

Last night we had packed all the cutlery but I saved a posh pot noodle for dinner. Itsu is my go-to take out, I think it reminds me of my Asian travels in a 'West does East' sort of way. 

The pot made me excited that I might be able to have Itsu inside my doorstep, just one kettle boil away. It was good. Quite good. The ingredients list is quite transparent which was impressive but sadly they lacked the flavour hit of their fresher counterparts. But the noodles were slurpy and comforting and the broth was warm and salty. 

I think I will always have one hiding in reserve for those moments that you can't face washing up. 

Now I must get back to the boxes... 

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