Little By Little

My beautiful friend Annabel (v good at designing jewellery), my stylish friend Calandre (v good with numbers) and I set ourselves a little challenge. Could we create a collection of jewellery based around food? Could we have them made out recycled silver? Could they be made in the UK? Could we give a percentage of profits to underprivileged women who would love to be able to afford a necklace or two? The answer was yes, yes, yes. 

May I present our beautiful spice necklaces; Elle Star Anise & Elle Cardamom. 

With nerves flying and worries creeping, we stood behind our first stall last week, our sign hung behind our heads. Familiar adrenalin pushed out confidence and kick started 'Little by Little'. We sold, packaged and wrapped boxes in black ribbon before congratulating ourselves with a glass of mulled wine. 

 Message me if you might like to buy one for Christmas (RRP £60) and I can pop the jewels in the post!

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  1. Thank you Georgina. Tori & Oli have given me one of these beautiful necklace's for Christmas. It is stunning I love it. Happy Christmas to you all. Love Caro xxxxx