Valentine Truffles

An annual decision: does one ignore valentines day, snub all those who carry home limp looking roses on the commuter train or acknowledge a moment to tell someone they are special? 

Is it a blessing or a curse? Gone are the truly exciting valentine years when a red envelope might arrive signed only with a scrawled question mark or when as school girls, we might buy a multipack of cards, sending them quite liberally to the boys in the higher years.

But this year, I want only one card from one boy and it couldn't make me happier. 

I decided to make him just a little thing, just to show him he's my number one. His favourite biscuits are these fiery ginger ones from M&S but alas, they weren't to hand. Instead I nipped across to the local shop and bought the next best option, dark chocolate digestives. There was condensed milk in the cupboard and butter in the fridge. You see, it was all quite easy. 

I whizzed up the biscuits, stirred them with melted butter, condensed milk and cocoa power. I rolled the mixture into little balls and let them sit in the fridge. I rolled them in cocoa powder and balanced them in a great tower, waiting for the morning. 

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