House of Cuckoo

The keen eyed amongst you will notice I've developed a bit of a thing for vegetable cakes. It might be a combination of a two year old who doesn't eat their greens and an interest in reducing my butter intake (the vegetable's role is often to replace the fat, you see.)

I've made headway with developing a few recipes of my own but I've discovered it is House of Cuckoo that are really shaking the vegetable cake world. Veg that don't have much personality of their own become  a backdrop to intriguing and seriously delicious flavours: celeriac & ginger, cauliflower & lemon, butternut squash & almond. 

Started by two friends in 2011, House of Cuckoo, and it's eye catching packaging, is growing in stature. They are now available at lots of Waitrose's store for a fiver a box which is cheaper than a bottle of wine and surely more interesting? 

These are ideal for those of us with a worryingly sweet tooth & high cholesterol or, simply, an unhealthy love of cake.

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