Fuggle Antics Pop Up with Wiston Estate Sparkling Wine

Saturday 24th May 2014


Thyme Brioche & Salted Butter
Crab, Shallot, Bacon & Wild Garlic Tarts
 Watercress Salad
Slow braised Ham Hock
Courgette & White bean fritters
 Roast Tomatoes
Spring onion & almond pesto
Sweet coffee pops
Rhubarb and Custard Cake Salted pistachio crumb Yoghurt ice cream
Coffee & Chocolate

My first solo pop up in conjunction with Wiston Estate Wines happened a week or so ago. Sixteen people, a glorious regency style flat overlooking the sea and a four course menu. 

It was a success! The condensed milk & coffee pops and elderflower syrup jars were my highlights. My guests were diverse and gorgeous, the sparkling wine was exceptional and it made me want to do a regular thing! 

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