Kooks, Brighton

Dinner out seems a little infrequent in the last few weeks; all those wake up calls, nappies and cries for 'one more story' but just occasionally I think sod it, I need an injection of the bright city, some booze, style and sustenance. 

Resto of choice was Kooks - a new boho bistro bang in the centre of Brighton and is owned by an international DJ/Producer Tim Healey and his wife Rebecca. This is a restaurant of ambition; combining music with food could be a disastrous recipe but Kooks is cool, there's no doubt about it. They serve up a modern English menu accompanied by a bespoke soundtrack of choice tunes from Tim's archived music collection. The record albums and line drawings speak a 'hipster restaurant vibe' but the coloured chairs and bottles of tomato ketchup make one feel at ease, as if sitting in a friend's trendy kitchen. 

An espresso martini (my absolutely, slap bang, unashamedly favourite drink, EVER) kicked off the evening and was a total joy. All that fluff, and coffee beans and velvet caffeine was total perfection. We ate pretty spinach, ricotta and vegetarian parmesan gnocchi with roasted goats cheese (£10.50) and a more manly haddock in batter with twice cooked chips, mint pea puree and tartare sauce' (£13.00), both of which were unafraid of being big, bold dishes. The fish tasted fresh and the chips were enormous, crunchy, soft, hot, perfect... you can tell we love a good tower of chips. We split a deconstructed Eton mess which was so good I did my very best to steal more than my fair share. 

As we were leaving punters from Komedia (two doors down) spilled into the bar for a post comedy cocktail. The vibe as edgy and fun, very Brighton. Check it out. 


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