Hot Lemon Water - The way to start your day.

For most of the population, nights are spent asleep, dreaming, re-energising (or claiming back fuel) for the following day. No, not mine. Mine can vary dramatically but as a general rule, two wake up calls disturb precious slumber and I stir the following day, by the soft padding of my three year old, in a relatively dull, clouded disposition. 

Coffee is good, but spoilt as I am by the Brighton hipster shops, I now feel totally unable to make a respectable version at home, so am left with lemon water. This is somewhat of a tradition now; my switch of caffeine for early citrus and the tone for my day is set. It takes minutes, seconds. Just boil the kettle, add a slice or two of lemon to your cup and pour over water. (I actually did just tell you how to make this?!)

Have I mentioned lemons have power? Combined with warm water (not too hot and not too cold) to assimilate to the temperature of your body is best and very detoxifying. Lemon water is a natural diuretic and this effect will help to flush out the nasties as well keeping your body and skin hydrated. And, if you sip 10-15 minutes before you eat, it will also help to kick start enzyme production in your gut and aid digestion come breakfast time. Who needs to diet? 

Another good fact - when ingested, lemons are actually alkaline which can really help to balance your pH levels, making your body more alkaline, which is how it functions best.

Ok, one last fact… lemons are also high in vitamin C, with each lemon giving you about half your required daily intake and a great boost to your immune system and cold-fighting abilities. 

Because it’s so very simple, one can make it in a sluggish state though if you’re feeling awake/creative try adding spices like ginger, turmeric, cayenne and cinnamon or honey to sweeten. If even juicing the lemon seems like too much effort (really?) you could ready them in batches at the start of the week and freeze in ice cubes so all you have to do is add a lemon cube to warm water.

Surely beginning with a healthy intention is a positive first step? It’s probably the simplest, best value option to starting each day, the right way. Go on, try.

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