Little by Little Jewellery

I’m really happy to tell you about a venture of mine that has been two years in the making.

A friend and I lived together during those fledgling, post-university years when carefree graduates are desperately finding their feet in young careers.  My days were spent at cookery school, learning the history of French sauces and Annabel’s were devoted to studying gold, silver and precious stones. Many unsociable hours of work later and I reached the dizzy heights of food writing and Annabel became an esteemed jewellery designer.  

We remained friends but it wasn’t until a decade later stirred by coffee or wine, I can’t remember which, that we thought about working together.  We had seen too many homeless, hungry people that day and prompted by their plight we wanted to find a way of honouring and assisting them.

We decided that we would combine our love of food and jewellery, create a beautiful collection that could raise a little money and donate to charity. We would start small. We would move forward with trepidation, little by little. We had a plan.  

Every week for two years, come rain or train delays, we met at Gatwick airport, the obvious middle point between London & Brighton and sat on the departure lounge floor, stealing free wifi. We agreed that with every piece that was made, we would donate funding to pay for a day's supply of therapeutic food, given to help nurse an acutely malnourished child back to health.

We talked to our friends, we designed, re-designed and polished our stunning produce inspired collection, we collaborated with an incredible charity called Action Against Hunger. We laughed at the mistakes we made and celebrated the small wins and now, this week, we are launching our business; Little by Little.

If you have a moment explore our website:



  1. Anonymous19.10.15

    Love it!

  2. So clever and inspired.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment - so kind. We are excited to have our first collection! We really value your feedback, thank you. G

  3. Lovely Collections!!

    1. Hi Sara, thank you so much. Roughly a year after you wrote the comment but I've just found my way to it. Have a look at the site and see how we've continued to grow it. We are so excited! XG