As Easy As Higgidy Pie

It must be a testament to my mother’s cooking that two of her children have found themselves involved in the food world. I’ve joined the alluring food styling end but it’s my brother that’s doing the hard work: making better British pies. 
It is this family connection that means my regular Sainsbury’s trips include one duty that isn’t on the shopping list.   On the chilled isle, next to the readymade mash and the picnic quiches, I arrange boxes of Higgidy pies making sure each one is facing twelve o’clock and the various varieties are all aligned – you never know what can entice a sale. 
In a career move Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud of James, and his wife Camilla, packed in their day jobs and fuelled by Camilla’s fervour for food, switched to the world of catering. Having sacrificed their careers, their house and their life in London they worked hard to create the Higgidy empire which now boasts a range of pies, skinny pies, tarts and quiches all of which are handmade in nearby Brighton.  
The pies are amazing (I should know, they are a regular lunch time treat) and the uncompromising ingredients mean your readymade meal really can taste like your grandmother slaved over the stove for the afternoon. Take the Beef and Ale – the stew is cooked for three hours to allow the meat to become tender and then left for a further day to develop flavour, no rushing allowed.  I’m not sure Ginsters could say the same.
Check out their website for lots more info about where you can pick up a pie – www.higgidy.co.uk

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