Monday's Coffee @ Prufrock

Six hours until Tubular Bells will twang me awake with an unsympathic mantra. No doubt there will be a moment of hopeless, depressing realisation that duvet time has once again come to an end.
Only my obsession with caffeine enables me to haul myself from the feathers and be safe in the knowledge that coffee is less than half an hour away.
Tomorrow I will visit the same oasis that I visited five mornings last week.  Pounds (that’s currency) saved by walking to the office are well spent at Prufrock on Leather Lane. It is their second location and this time the space is a bigger, more established, version of their Shoreditch debut.
The coffee is sublime and the space inspires a smug sense that you’ve discovered a gem. However if coffee alone isn’t quite enough to encourage you, then the swan drawn from milk froth will surely persuade a visit.

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