Claude's Kitchen

Life has moved on - 30th parties have become the new 21st' and Saturday night played host to the best yet. 

The setting was Claude's Kitchen; a beautifully simple room with high ceilings, wooden floorboards, dripping light bulbs and just forty covers. Yes, just the kind of room I would like to have in my house. When I own a house. 

I have to admit I didn't resort to instagram (surely there is a limit to fuzzy, mediocre photos I can post?) so you will have to trust me. The food was spectacular.

We had mackerel, pan fried & pickled. A generous, perfect square of pork belly. Crackling that snapped like frozen puddles. Poached prunes. A fluffy chilled chocolate thing. And more, lots more but I should have taken instagram photo's as a record! 

I think Parsons green could be described as a sea of generic with predictably beautiful people sipping predictably expensive wine.  Claude's Kitchen is a welcome island in the south-west wealth ocean which deserves every bit of praise it gets. 

Here is a review and some pics if you need more tempting; 


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