Do Ahead Dinners - James Ramsden

Dr Nick made me laugh yesterday. He has started a new job which means the work/life/wife ratio doesn't look particularly healthy. He told me he had started reading my blog to keep up with me. So, in the interests of my marriage, this is my bedtime reading Nicko.

How exciting to have Mr Ramsden's new book arrive, very promptly, by the nice man from Amazon. It's a beauty. The whole premise of the book is that hosts shouldn't be cooking when their guests arrive; mascara, filled flutes and relaxed giggles is the name of the do-ahead dinners game. 

James runs a supper club, the secret larder, and it has become one of the most popular in London - once being described as 'harder to get into than the Ivy'. His recipes are picked from the larder's best successes, food that has made his guests happy, allowed him to feed a crowd and be the ultimate host. 

Too many I like the sound of but today I think spice-roasted carrots with paneer and sesame is on order. 

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