Lucky Beach, Brighton

I've stopped putting sun cream on. It was all novel at first, having to fish around in my bag for my mini factor 30 but I think my skin has toughened now, such is the sunny day count down south. I keep going to the beach though thinking it might be our last 2013 chance and being surprised by blue skies the following morning. 

It's not just the sea I seek out.  A new joint has opened up just under the arches called Lucky Beach: a super cool beach cafe that is the brainchild of a very talented Mike Palmer. What he doesn't know about restaurant trends isn't worth knowing, it is his job to know what is hot in the restaurant world. Lucky Beach is his own, very brave venture and you can see he has pooled all his experience into this lovely little beach arch. 

The food is simple. Mostly burgers (done beautifully with their own handmade brioche bun and 35 day dry aged burgers), a few lovely sounding sandwiches and a salad or two for the girls. The atmosphere is fun and quirky and down right cool. It's the sort of place you are proud to know about and I think this summer, while the rays keep coming, Lucky Beach is going to keep on shining. 


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