Avocado, Almond & Poppyseed Cake - Gluten & Dairy Free

Consider this a start. A gorgeous Australian girl has just moved in with us for a little while. She comes bright eyed and full of energy from the sunshine coast, eager to explore life on our decidedly, cloudy coast. Tales of mango trees in her back garden, virtuous sounding shopping baskets and how her family cook with coconut oil have inspired me. 

She talked about the avocado cakes that are quite common in the local grocery store but didn't know of a recipe - so we have begun a quest to develop our own version. Of course the buttery, rich flesh of avocado would be glorious in a cake and negate the need for butter? 

First take was good though too dense, too much of a 'bready texture' so the eggs were upped, the polenta removed and a little more lemon juice added. Take 2 (photographed) was very good. A soft gentle cake with a flavour not dissimilar to an pistachio macaroon. It had a gloriously soft texture, buttery almost. The colour reminded me of Spring. The crust was a little too tough, easily caught by an enthusiastic oven so I will address that, by reducing the sugar, I think. We will have take 3 in the next few weeks, one complete with an icing. Watch this space for the recipe.


  1. I've been looking forward to the avocado cake recipe! Is it likely to happen soon? I really enjoy your blog. It is good to find a good British one after, all the amazing American ones I follow. Have made your courgette spaghetti and your rhubarb and ginger cake. Both delicious :-)

    1. What a lovely comment and it's taken me too long to reply to you. I did get the recipe right and it's in my new book Take One Veg... I'd love to know if you managed to cook it.
      Thanks again for you kind words. XG