Potted Cromer Crab

A weekend at home and the sun briefly shone; spring in the light but still too cold in the shadows. It was Saturday, we needed an occupation and Cromer won the destination battle. An old Edwardian seaside town, arguably the home of the English crab seemed to be quite appealing on paper. 

I wouldn't say it was a total disappointment, just perhaps not quite the beautiful North Norfolk towns that I've grown used to. Think more crazy golf than open gardens.  The highlight was one opportune stall sitting outside a tiny house which sold the seemingly elusive crabs. We rang the doorbell, clearly disturbing the owner from daytime television and gave him £3 in return for a dressed crab. 

We walked to the beach and saw the crabbing boats pausing before their early start the next morning and then, a little cold, went home with one dressed crab in our pockets. 

Potted Cromer Crab 

250g prepared crab
150g butter 
Juice & Zest of 1 lemon 
2 tbsp double cream
Pinch of mustard powder 
1 bay leaf 

1/ Melt 100g of the butter in a small pan and add the lemon juice and mustard powder. Remove from the before stirring through the double cream and crab meat. Mix well but not too aggressively, you don't want to totally mince the crab meat. Empty into a small bow, pressing down lightly.
2/ Melt the remaining butter. When it is foaming, remove from the heat. Using a large spoon carefully remove any scum from the surface then pour the clean, clarified butter over the surface of your crab mixture. Decorate with a bay leave. 
3/ Chill in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving with hot toast. 

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