Apple, Cranberry & Pecan Crumble

Christmas has passed and the last of the dry turkey sandwiches has been eaten. I emerged from the house today after a few days spent hiding in Christmas chaos, venturing to the market to re-stock the cupboards with food. 

Cranberries were almost being given away, so cheap was the price tag  - we bought a huge bag and even more apples. I simmered the cranberries with a healthy amount of brown sugar, cinnamon and chunks of orange peel until the texture was sticky and jam like. They were roughly mixed with apple and laid to rest in a baking dish before being covered with a sweet pecan crumble. 

I baked my crumble at 180C for 25 minutes until the apples were soft and the red of the cranberries could be seen trying to escape the dish. We ate generous bowlfuls accompanied with pools of chilled cream and thought about the year ahead and the year gone past. 

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