Away in a Manger

Christmas 2014 has been one of over-eating, cracker jokes and full-bodied emotions in their entire splendor.

Lunch on the coast, complete with all of the tinsel-clad trimmings, and an icy walk by the sea; something fresh to wake us from festive hangovers. More Lindt reindeers than you could shake a sleigh at and a semi-formal viewing of the queen’s speech lulled us into an excessively long Downton sitting.

I sat with my own excess of pregnant tummy trying to find any comfort I could and hoping, praying that our very own baby Jesus wouldn’t appear on the 25th. Our prayers were answered and it wasn’t until the 29th that baby Wilber was born in a fast and slightly furious delivery. He sits now, next to me snuffling and yawning deciding whether to be pleased or disappointed at his arrival. We are completely in love all over again. I’m looking forward to the adventure of 2015 with my newest team member on side.

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