Cavolo nero, Mackerel & Olive with Brown Rice Pasta

Often I can't decide what to eat. I head to the shops and let the produce dictate my lunch, pointing me towards what's seasonal and what's plentiful. 

Greeting me yesterday were bunches of Cavolo nero, the glamorous sounding cabbage that is robust in flavour as well as texture. I bought a bag of brown rice pasta, so much lighter than its wheat counterpart, and a tin of mackerel. This was going to be a health tonic of a lunch.  

I roasted the tomatoes with good quality olive oil, garlic and plenty of black pepper before slightly mashing them. The pasta and cavolo nero were cooked together for no longer than six minutes before being tossed with roasted tomatoes, salty olives and mackerel. Healthy comfort food at its highest level. 

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