La Choza, Brighton

I really did run a half marathon on Sunday. It was sunny, we ran by the sea and the locals were cheering all 10,000 of us. Lots of moments spurred me on; a kind man in a wheelchair saying, 'I wish I could run too', a little boy handing out warm jelly babies and the thought that the babysitter needed releasing. My favourite 'steer' was a banner reading, 'think what you can have for lunch'. 

So I spent most of the following eleven miles deciding exactly that. A shower and a mars bar later, with wobbly legs and baby in tow, my fellow altheletes hobbled to La Choza, the best burrito bar in Brighton and easily my first choice. Smokey pulled pork burrito, mexican rugs and a shot of tequila, now that really sorted us out. 

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