Boisdale, Victoria

I'm not sure why Victoria, nearly the most central of all London stations, seems be right in the middle of a restaurant desert. Yes, there are the odd chains; Cafe Rouge, Giraffe and Yo Sushi greet you as you walk off the train but there is very little with any clout. 

Boisdale was a welcome 'pin in the map'. Not simply because of the location but its reputation had preceded it. The live jazz, walk-in humidor and vast selection of whiskies make it a man's restaurant, one to bring the boys to. 

And the food? See below! I'd call that a boys sized portion. We had a lovely evening. I'm glad I wore a black dress and was relieved to have ordered the salmon. 

Top Tip - If you head there soon, there is a top table offer that makes dining here all very doable. 

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