How to set up a pop up restaurant?

I'm often asked how to set up a pop up. 

I am certainly no expert but here are a few pointers that might help you if you are preparing to pop up. 
  • Space. Think outside of the box - studios, shops, theatres, restaurants that you could take over. Anywhere with running water and electricity.  Although even they are not a total necessity. 
  • PR. Create a website. Now days everybody wants to look at a website by way of assurance and I would say, the more information, the better. The nearest station, the cost, what the menu will be!
  • Bookings. It costs some money to take advance payment but is well worth it. If this isn't an option, over book each sitting by 10%. We have only ever had two tables of four or more that haven't turned up. 
  • Menu. settle on food that makes you happy and that you feel comfortable with. Spend time sourcing beautiful ingredients and give yourself enough hours to prepare. This is your reputation at stake! 
  • Get prepared for exhaustion! A pop up is all encompassing so be prepared to be on your knees by the end. 

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