Asparagus - Eat while you can!

The sun/rain thing that we give so much attention doesn't just ruin our weekend plans. All the fruit and vegetables are getting confused. If asparagus talked I imagine their conversations to go something akin to this; 

Asparagus 1 - "Do you think we go now?"
Asparagus 2 - "Not sure, my wife isn't looking nearly as plump as she should do."
Asparagus 1 - "But we're late, I've even read a gloomy article saying as much. The poxy author suggested it was our variety. They clearly think bushing snow off our coats as normal for May."
Asparagus 2 - "Well maybe we should then, just for Waitrose's sake. They've already done the asparagus advertising and everything."
Asparagus 1 - "Let's do it. You first."
Asparagus 2 - "Ok, I'm going. Grow, Go, GROW, GO"

They are late arriving you see but fear not, you have about 24 hours before the season will disappear until 2014. I had a friend coming to lunch yesterday so, you guessed it, we ate the spears. 

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