I'm feeling a little muggle headed this morning. Last night saw the opening of Galeto, a brand new Brazilian street food restaurant in the heart of Soho. Vibrant carnival spirit and Brazilian flavours all rolled into one tiny London resto. It really did feel quite favela.  

The menu focuses on authentic Brazilian street food dishes and is calling itself a Brazilian ‘streatery’ which I quite like.  Delicious fried things, smokey bean and it's signature Galeto (which means 'little chicken' in Latin Portuguese). Lots of Molhos dips including tropical fruit barbeque, hot spicy coriander and garlic cream. Sides range from black beans and white rice to sweet pepper salsa, mandioca frita and vivid Latino salads. A feast for the senses. 

I'm going to add at this point that its also good value. Not cheap like Asda cheap but reasonable. A bottle of house wine is £14.50. The signature chicken is just shy of £9.00. I like. 

They have just reached their two week birthday so get in there before the crowds arrive. 

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