Jude's Ice Cream

My second post about ice cream in a row. It's just that my twice a day habit needs feeding and it's not true that only the Italians can make ice cream.  Hampshire doesn't have quite the sunshine, or the coast or in fact the beautifully tanned Mediterranean men but it does have Jude's; an entire factory dedicated to making proper English ice cream.  

I've met Jude. She my friend's mum. She is warm and kind and funny and has a clever bunch of sons to her name. Together they stride to make an amazing product, cutting no corners and a whole team working together like one enormous family. 

I always think that a product should sell itself, if it is good enough then we, little obedient ants, will buy it again. Judes seems to be gathering momentum and I have a warm glow of pride whenever I see the van rushing past or the little pots for sale in a cinema. If you have the chance, give it a chance. Salted caramel is my favourite. 

They even give 10% of all profits to charity. What a company. 

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