Naked Wines

I fell a little bit in love with these antique wine glasses yesterday and ended up adding to my collection. Still, I have a reason. I've just joined 'Naked Wines' - a company that supports small scale wine farmers and sells wine on their behalf. 

They are quite clever; they take your money every month so you don't feel like it leaves your account (and award you with angel status) and then hurrah, a box of wine is delivered to your house. All the bottles look super origional and, as far as I can say, all the wine has been really interesting and, with only one exception, delicious.

The bottles work out at about £6-8 each which ain't too far off those supermarket purchases we all do?! But those supermarket purchases aren't half as interesting and certainly don't call their customers angels.

You can see their work at www.nakedwines.com

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