Three Ways With Aubergine

Aubergines were on a BOGOF at the supermarket over the weekend and, not one to look a bargain in the face, I bought more than a normal person might. With no rotting time allowed, I decided to create my own 3 ways with - my considerate family will be graciously eating the results though out the week.

May I present... Tahini & Aubergine dip; Mung bean, Tamarind & Aubergine salad and Sweet Potato & Aubergine Parcels. I will write up the recipes, just not immediately. 


  1. Anonymous18.9.13

    Dear Georgina, great blog. :) I found you by stalking your friend alice hart whom I adore for writing the best cook book I have ever seen (vegetarian). Unfortunately she does not write a blog and her mailing adress on her officiell website does not work but the next time you meet her please tell her that she has a HUGE fan in Germany who is praying every night that she will write another vegetarian cook book soon... :)BTW do you know whether she has a new book in the planning? Or any other project? Best wishes, Sara

  2. HI Sara,

    Thanks for your message! Alice is a good friend of mine so I will pass on your e-mail! She and I are doing a pop up in Brighton if you fancy a trip to the uk!!? All the best, Georgina

  3. Anonymous19.9.13

    Dear Georgina,

    Awesome! When and where exactly will the pop up be? I will definitely try to come, if I know early the plane tickets won't be too expensive!
    Thanks for the quick answer and best wishes,

  4. love Aubergine..!