Panda Box @ Itsu

I like to think I work quite hard on Jasper's diet - the fear that my little boy will only eat salty crisps and something resembling a fish finger makes me a little sweaty under the collar. I'm not winning by any means, we have plenty of days that pizza is the only answer, and only once the tomato bit has been scraped off but just occasionally I feel quite proud of both his appetite and willingness to try. 
Itsu, owned by Pret, is hoping to expand dramatically over the next few years, hopping on the health bandwagon as it clatters it's way down the high street. It has always been one of my secret pleasures and I dream of the day we can visit, the two of us, and happily enjoy a box of sushi together. 
I'd heard they have developed a new children's 'Panda' menu and so we visited; mummy, hopeful and Jasper, hungry. I'd say it wasn't a total failure and he loved playing with chopsticks, dipping chicken in sweet hosin and popping endame beans. Frozen yoghurt was a hit. Detox drinks were drunk with the same enthusiasm he approaches lemonade. And chocolate rice cakes were special enough to mean he would try my miso soup. We had fun, sitting and enjoying a new taste or two. I love the thought he was playing with new textures and unfamiliar flavours. A success I think? 

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