Silo, Brighton

Moving away from London wasn't an easy decision. We left red buses, enormous branches of Topshop and a raging foodie scene that I was proud to be a part of.  Brighton beckoned and occasionally we reverted to feeling wistful and nostalgic for our spent days exploring the capital. I would read the opening of new restaurants, markets and coffee houses hoping, just occasionally the postcode began BN.

But oh the excitement as places have opened, existing restaurants have upped their game and we discovered the plethora of places that already exist. The latest addition is Silo, hidden in the Lanes but not more than a 5 minute walk from the station. 

Opened last week, the building is outrageously cool with a raw, stripped back feel that I love. This particular restaurants POS is quite an impressive zero waste policy.  

Flour will be milled on site, yoghurt made and chocolate created.  Loos will be flushed using waste water from coffee machines. There is an enormous food composter just inside the restaurant. The compost will be given away to customers, completing the cycle from food to soil. Mushrooms proudly grow on the wall, sitting in used espresso granules. To solve the problem of takeaway coffee cups, Silo will offer customers a free coffee for every five cups they return and the cup will be shredded and composted.  

Douglas McMaster is the man behind the Silo and he's put together a sustainable, seasonal and very reasonable menu. One fish option, one wild, one meat, one plant and one dairy. Beautifully simple. 

Go and visit, I think Brighton should be really proud of Silo and I for one will enjoy sitting and sipping coffee whilst the rain pours down outside. 

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