BBQ On Ice, London

Two six year olds, one Saturday afternoon and an exhausted uncle didn’t seem a very promising combination. However a tip off from a friend pointed us towards Exchange square ice rink, still flying high in the January chill. 

And what a tip off! We skated until our noses were running and didn’t want to risk another tumble and head inside to refuel. If the skating was good, the refueling restaurant was sublime and it is this that I thought was worth the mention…

We discovered BBQ On Ice has been designed especially for the location, popping up for 6 months to get the lay of the land and it’s been a hit.  The food was wicked; uncompromising American style BBQ. 14 hr hickory smoked pulled pork shoulder, BBQ pulled beef in a warm brioche bun and wood roast half chicken (All for under a tenner). Or if drink is more the thing after an hour or two balancing on blades, enormous pitchers of Dark & Stormy or a mug of hot buttered rum might be the answer.

We ate ribs and I was reminded of something Jennifer McLagan frankly puts it in her book, Cooking on the bone – ‘ribs satisfy a deep primal urge to eat with our fingers’; I suspect that gnawing on bones is one of the few purely textural pleasures left to us in western cuisine, perhaps that is why I enjoy it so?

I should say at this point that the waiters were also excellent. Not good, excellent. They said all the right things to the under tens and empathized at the right moment with the over tens. As it so often does, this helped make our day.

Here are all the details - http://www.barbbqonice.com/#home

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