Parsnip, Pecan & Cinnamon Cake

A commission has prompted me to think all things vegetable. And yes, that includes a cake. 

We know carrot cake and we love carrot cake but throw another root into the mix and people seem cautious. It's that subtle turn of the nose that I've seen before with herbal tea, savoury scones and vegetarian sausages. 

I'd ask that your guard be let down, no removed, and your opinions be open. Parsnip has an earthy smell that I only ever track down if rain, disturbed soil and woodland all meet and for me, it's heaven. 

So you see it's the ideal backdrop to a cake. Think of a cake like a painting; in this case the parsnip being the canvas. We add layers of flavour, some sweet, some spicy and wind up with an old master. Cinnamon, syrup, eggs and dark brown sugar framed with cream cheese and pecans.  We eat enormous slabs with cups of tea. 

I promise, you will forget the presence of parsnip and just enjoy the colour. 

The recipe will be available at some point soon, just as soon as it is published. I'll let you know then. 

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