Marmalade Cafe, Brighton

Rain continues to batter both Brighton and our general enthusiasm for January;  it seems increasingly difficult to summon the energy to wash my hair let alone venture out through the front door. But hark! Marmalade cafe has opened and recommendations were persuasion enough to venture to a new side of town. 

Marmalade is not Bills of Brighton but it does have a sense of their worn beauty and quiet confidence (the keen eyed amongst us will recognise the stylish hand writing). The food isn't complicated but it does what it does with aplomb. Eggs, quiches, beautiful bread and peachy looking salads. The price is bang on and makes eating out do-able even in the financial deadlock of a new year. 

We ate eggs & soldiers, honeyed granola and cheese on toast. We drank flat whites. We read the newspaper. The staff did no rushing and smiled at all the right moments. 

We will absolutely go again, maybe tomorrow? 



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