My favourite detox tea

I wanted to flag up one of my favourite finds of the year: Pukka detox tea. So often herbal tea can be disappointing and despite the promise of raspberries, rosehip or hibiscus, we are given weak, wee coloured nonsense that smells appealing. Here though we have a tea worlds away from the usual fare that has real body and a most beautiful, delicate liquorice flavour.   

We like it so much I've been taking it as gifts for friends and spreading the light blue liquorice love. I would go as far as saying I feel just a little more healthy after a cup (at this point I should say I have not be paid to write this!), it has become a tea cupboard staple.

The ingredients read aniseed, fennel, cardamom, liquorice, coriander and celery, not a combination that I would have been brave enough to try but those people behind Pukka really knew their stuff. 

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